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Six Dining Options
Foreign Affairs

Perched on the 9th floor, Foreign Affairs is a rooftop bar and lounge featuring a sundeck that offers breathtaking 360° views of the valley. Renowned for its Indian and continental cuisines, some of the finest in the city, and complemented by classic bar tapas, it provides a culinary experience like no other. Beyond its gastronomic offerings, Foreign Affairs serves as an ideal venue for both official and private events, combining a stunning ambiance with top-notch service for a memorable occasion.


Kotetsu offers an authentic Japanese experience with its freshly made delicacies that are a true treat to the palate. Overlooking the city through its elegant glass facade, Kotetsu features an exclusive selection of fresh seafood, unmatched anywhere else in Kathmandu. This unique offering has made it a favorite of the nearby Japanese Embassy, whose growing patronage serves as a stamp of approval for the inimitable quality of its cuisine and its stunning ambiance. For a genuine taste of Japan, Kotetsu is the destination of choice.

The Ministry

The café lounge at Hotel Ambassador is a haven for business professionals, offering a seamless blend of productivity and relaxation in a sophisticated atmosphere. Designed with a contemporary twist to traditional architecture, this business-centric space provides the perfect environment for meetings, networking, or simply unwinding with a cup of expertly brewed coffee. The elegant decor and ambient lighting create a relaxing backdrop for casual conversations and focused work sessions alike. Whether you're sealing a deal or taking a break, this café lounge is the ideal spot to elevate your business experience in Kathmandu.

Terrace Garden

Experience the charm of our private dining room with customizable seating options, offering a beautiful city view and equipped with blinds for added privacy. This versatile space is also perfect for hosting events and meetings, ensuring a tailored and sophisticated atmosphere for every occasion.

The Diplomat

The Diplomat Restaurant, situated on the first floor, stands as the hotel's primary breakfast venue, showcasing a delectable array of Indian and continental cuisines. Additionally, its versatile space offers the perfect setting for hosting various events, ensuring a memorable and diverse experience for our guests.

La-Mari: Parisian Flair, Baked here!

La Mari, located at the entrance of Hotel Ambassador by ACE Hotels, introduces the finest French baked goods to Kathmandu. As one of the city's first authentic patisserie and boulangerie, La Mari offers a delightful blend of contemporary flair and traditional French recipes. Guests can indulge in fresh, high-quality pastries and breads, crafted to perfection, and experience a true taste of France right here in Kathmandu.

Our Outlets

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